Truck Choice Workshop

This workshop focused on outreach by our STEPS Truck Choice project team to a group of OEMs and fleets, to better understand how fleets decide what types of trucks to purchase, in particular with respect to various propulsion technologies and fuels for given truck categories and purposes.

Agenda Packet – Truck Choice Workshop

Summary of Fleet Workshop (presented at the STEPS Symposium on May 23) – Marshall Miller



Tony Brasil, ARB – California Low Emission Truck and Policies and Plans

Session 1: STEPS Team provides background, preliminary findings and workshop goals

STEPS Truck Choice Project – Marshall Miller, Lew Fulton, Joan Ogden, Qian Wang, Chris Yang

Session 2: Fleets Purchasing Decisions (Heavy-duty)

Scott Perry – Ryder System, Inc. Overview

Ken Gillies – Element Fleet Management

Session 3: Fleets Purchasing Decisions (Vocational/delivery/other)

(no slides)

Session 4: OEM Perspective, Technology and Vehicle Development

AJ Naddell – BYD Electric Trucks

Session 5: Experts Discuss Policy

(no slides)

Session 6: Feedback from Participants

(no slides)