Modeling Analysis
Modeling Analysis
Future of Fuels and the Oil and Gas Industry
Initiating Transitions
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May 15-16 2019 STEPS Spring 2019 Research Symposium
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Location:  ARC Conference Center


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What is the Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways program?

Why Sponsors Value the UC Davis STEPS Program

UC Davis Modeling of Sustainable Transportation in a Complex, Global Energy System

First Person Accounts: STEPS Students and Alumni


STEPS Book Cover

Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways:

A Research Summary for Decision Makers

Edited by Joan Ogden and Lorraine Anderson

UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

The STEPS 2007-2010 program conducted robust, impartial, comparative analyses of different fuel and vehicle pathways, drawing on engineering, economics, environmental science, and consumer behavior.  In this book, researchers synthesize key insights from the STEPS program, informing decision makers in industry and government about the potential costs and benefits of different fuel and vehicle pathways and illuminating viable transition strategies toward a sustainable transportation future.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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