• Aramco Jack Moore

    Jack Moore

    Director of Washington, D.C. Office
    Aramco Services Company

  • BMW Simon Euringer

    Simon Euringer

    Head of BMW Group Technology Office USA

  • Caltrans Ellen Greenberg

    Ellen Greenberg

    Deputy Director for Sustainability

  • CARB Steve Cliff

    Steve Cliff

    Deputy Executive Officer
    California Air Resources Board

  • CEC Janea Scott

    Janea Scott

    California Energy Commission

  • Rick Powell

    General Manager of Fuels & Product Strategy

  • Cummins Tim Frazier

    Time Frazier

    Executive Director Advanced Engineering


  • Daimler Sean Waters

    Sean Waters

    Director of Product Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

  • Fred Joseck

    Manager of Technology Acceleration at Fuel Cell Technologies Office
    U.S. Department of Energy

  • DOT Kevin Womack

    Kevin Womack

    Director of Office of Technology Policy and Outreach
    U.S. Department of Transportation

  • EPA Karl Simon

    Karl Simon

    Director of Transportation and Climate Division
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Faurecia Guillaume Peronnet

    Guillaume Peronnet

    Vice President of Strategy
    Faurecia North America

  • FIA Sheila Watson

    Sheila Watson

    Deputy Director & Director of Environment and Research
    FIA Foundation

  • Fiat Jerry Esper

    Jerry Esper

    NAFTA Vehicle Safety and Regulatory compliance (VSRC)

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles North America

  • Ford Bob Holycross

    Bob Holycross

    Vice President of Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering


  • GM Britta Gross

    Britta Gross

    Director, Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy
    General Motors

  • Honda Robert Bienenfeld

    Robert Bienenfeld

    Assistant Vice President, Environment and Energy Strategy
    American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

  • Hyundai Debbie Baker

    Deborah Bakker

    Director of Regulatory Affairs
    Hyundai America

  • PG&E Roy Kuga

    Roy Kuga

    Vice President, Grid Integration & Innovation
    Pacific Gas and Electric

  • Renault Serge Passolunghi

    Serge Passolunghi

    Director, Open Innovation

  • SCAQMD Matt Miyasato

    Matt Miyasato

    Deputy Executive Officer
    South Coast Air Quality Management District

  • Linda Brown

    Senior Director, Generation and Resource Planning
    Sempra Energy

  • Shell Tamara Nameroff

    Tamara Nameroff

    General Manager, Policy and Advocacy for Downstream and New Energies

  • Chaomei Chen

    Director, Senior Engineer, International Cooperation Division

  • ToyotaRobert Wimmer

    Robert Wimmer

    Director of Energy and Environmental Research Group
    Toyota Motor North America

  • VolksWagen Nick Tamborra

    Nick Tamborra

    Emissions Regulatory Strategy Manager
    Volkswagen Group of America

  • Volvo Dawn Fenton

    Dawn Fenton

    Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs
    Volvo Group

  • Westport Karen Hamberg

    Karen Hamberg

    Vice President, Strategy
    Westport Fuel Systems

STEPS Board of Advisors meeting on December 8th, 2017

From Left-to-Right: Daniel Sperling (ITS), Tim Frazier (Cummins), Mallik Angalakudati (PG&E), Mary Beth Stanek (GM), Jerry Esper (FCA), Joan Ogden (STEPS), Tim Wallington (Ford), Lisa Mirisola (SCAQMD), Robert Wimmer (Toyota), Micah Fuller (Shell), Carl Simon (EPA), Amy Jordan (Aramco), Matt Franklin (Chevron), Lew Fulton (STEPS), Dawn Fenton (Volvo), Guillaume Peronnet (Faurecia), Sam McLaughlin (Volvo), Greg Kamla (Shell), Simon Euringer (BMW), Sarah Flick (Westport), Angela Konert (BMW), Rosa Dominguez-Faus (STEPS)