Become a Sponsor

The STEPS (2015-2018) program is a research consortium and is supported by private and governmental sponsors.

Sponsorship Level

STEPS, launched on January 1, 2015, has four funding cycles corresponding to calendar years 2015 through 2018. Sponsors of STEPS contribute $60,000 per year to participate.  The objectives of the STEPS program, our research methods, and the benefits of sponsorship can be found in the STEPS3 2015-2018 Program Description.

If you are interested in joining the STEPS program, please contact Thomas Mackey (

Sponsorship Benefits

Program Sponsors are encouraged to participate in all program activities listed below. The level of participation will be decided independently by each sponsor.

Interaction Plan – At the beginning of each program year we coordinate a personalized conversation with your organization’s key contacts to ensure maximum value from your contribution. We also check in periodically throughout the year to understand your latest research interests and needs, and we host periodic meetings with you to discuss recent research insights.

Research Symposia and Workshops – Each year two to four invitation-only events are held on the latest research related to critical industry planning and government policy topics.

Advisory Board Membership – The advisory board meets once a year to receive an update on the latest research and to advise STEPS leadership on the program’s research and direction.

Briefings, Reports, and Webinars – Researchers produce publications as a primary output, and issue working papers and reports over the course of the program. Sponsors get preliminary access to our research before it is published. Emailed research briefings, webinars, and quarterly reports highlight recent research results, events and upcoming activities.

Public Process Activities – Special public process events are periodically held, including briefings and webinars for policymakers, their staff, and the general public. STEPS sponsors are encouraged to attend and participate in these events.

Focused Requests and Campus Visits – STEPS is pleased to accommodate special sponsor requests for interaction on specific topics and to host visits that facilitate interactions related to these requests.

Internships, Extended Sponsor Visits, and Employment – STEPS is pleased to support student internships at sponsor locations, host extended visits by sponsors at ITS-Davis, send research leaders to visit sponsors, and help prepare STEPS students for careers with our sponsor and partner organizations.