• Meier, Alan

    Alan Meier
    Faculty Researcher and Associate Director, Energy
    Efficiency Center
    Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National
    Research Interests:How people and equipment use energy; opportunities to reduce energy consumption
    Contact Info
    1605 Tilia Street (West Village)
    (530) 752-2768
  • Kendall, Alissa

    Alissa Kendall
    Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental
    Graduate Adviser, Transportation Technology and
    Policy Graduate Group
    Research Interests:
    Life cycle modeling applied to transportation systeM.S.; Energy systeM.S.; Construction materials, and buildings, with the goal of developing sustainable systeM.S..
    Contact Info
    3167 Ghausi Hall
    (530) 752-5722
  • Jaffe, Amy
    Amy Jaffe
    David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program in Energy Security and Climate Change Council on Foreign Relations, New York
    Director, Women in Energy Initiative. Center on Global Energy Policy. Columbia University
    Research Interests: Oil and natural gas geopolitics; Strategic energy policy; Corporate investment strategies in the energy sector; National oil companies; Sustainability and energy; US unconventional oil and natural gas; Natural gas and transportation; Renewable natural gas and biofuels
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  • Burke, Andrew F.

    Andrew F. Burke
    Research Engineer, ITS-Davis
    Research Interests:
    Electric and hybrid vehicle design, analysis, and testing; applications of batteries and ultracapacitors for electric
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    1715 Tilia Street (West Village)
    (530) 752-9812
  • Behdad Kiani

    Behdad Kiani
    Assistant Project Scientist
    Research Interests:
    Integrated energy systems modeling, techno-economic optimization, grid integration, renewable energy, water-energy nexus, carbon tax policy, , storage systems, electric vehicles and smart grids
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street (West Village)
  • Lin Lawell, C.-Y. Cynthia

    C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell
    Associate Professor, Agricultural & Resource
    Economics and Environmental Science & Policy
    Research Interests:
    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Energy Economics; Industrial Organization; Applied Econometrics; Applied Microeconomics
    Contact Info
    3104 Social Sciences and Humanities
    (530) 752-0824
  • Yang, Christopher

    Christopher Yang
    Research Scientist, ITS-Davis
    Research Interests:Infrastructure analysis of hydrogen and electricity for vehicle fuels; Role of transportation alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in reducing energy system greenhouse gas emissions; Energy system modeling for policy analysis
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street (West Village
    (510) 545-2293
  • Sperling, Daniel

    Daniel Sperling
    Founding Director, ITS-Davis
    Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    Faculty Director, Policy Institute for Energy,
    Environment and the Economy
    Research Interests:Transportation technology assessment; Energy and environmental aspects of transportation; Transportation policy
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street
    (530) 752-7434
  • Tal, Gil

    Gil Tal
    Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    Research Interests:Travel behavior, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Travel Demand Modeling, Transportation Planning, Environmental Policy ; Non motorized transportation; Creation and use of data in transportation planning process
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street (West Village)
    (530) 752-2570
  • Ogden, Joan

    Joan Ogden
    Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    Director, NextSTEPS (Sustainable Transportation
    Energy Pathways)
    Research Interests:Technical and economic assessment of new energy technologies; Modeling hydrogen infrastructure development
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street
    (530) 752-7659
  • Witcover, Julie
    Julie Witcover
    Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis
    Research Interests: Indirect land use effect of biofuels policy
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  • Kurani, Ken

    Ken Kurani
    Associate Researcher, ITS-Davis
    Graduate Adviser, Transportation Technology and
    Policy Graduate Group
    Research Interests:
    Household response to alternative fuel and electric-drive vehicles; Energy, climate, and environment in household travel choices; Behavioral theory in transportation and energy
    Contact Info
    1605 Tilia St. (West Village), Rm 100
  • Fulton, Lew
    Lew Fulton
    Co-Director, STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways)
    Research Interests:International transport and energy policy; Transportation technology potential, costs and benefits; Global energy transition modeling
    Contact Info
    1715 Tilia Street (West Village)
    (530) 752-3004
  • Kleeman, Michael

    Michael Kleeman
    Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Research Interests:
    Study of urban and regional air quality problems; Composition of atmospheric particles and gas-to-particle conversion processes
    Contact Info
    3125 Ghausi Hall
    (530) 752-8386
  • Jaller, Miguel

    Miguel Jaller
    Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Research Interests: Industrial and Transportation Engineering; Sustainable Transportation Systems; Humanitarian Logistics; Supply Chain Management; Operations Research
    Contact Info
    2001 Ghausi Hall, 3143
    (530) 752-7062
  • Handy, Susan L.

    Susan L. Handy
    Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    Interim Director, Urban Land Use and
    Transportation Center (ULTRANS)
    Associate Director for Education, Institute of
    Transportation Studies
    Director, National Center for Sustainable
    Chair, Transportation Technology and Policy
    Graduate Group
    Research Interests:
    Relationships between transportation and land use; The impact of land use on travel behavior; Factors influencing bicycling as a mode of travel; Strategies for reducing automobile dependence
    Contact Info
    2130 Wickson Hall
    (530) 752-5878
  • Turrentine, Tom

    Tom Turrentine
    Director, Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center
    Research Anthropologist
    Research Interests: The role of travel and movement in the evolution of culture, society and lifestyle
    Contact Info
    1590 Tilia Street (West Village), Office 1105
    (530) 752-1768
  • Fan, Yueyen

    Yueyue Fan
    Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental
    Graduate Adviser, Transportation Technology and
    Policy Graduate Group
    Research Interests:
    Transportation and renewable energy infrastructure system modeling and optimization; Critical transportation and energy system protection; Adaptive network routing and research allocation processes; Stochastic and dynamic system modeling and computational methods
    Contact Info
    (530) 754-6408
    Ghausi Hall