Making the Transition to Light-duty Electric-drive Vehicles in the U.S.: Costs in Perspective to 2035

By Joan Ogden, Lew Fulton, Dan Sperling
December 12, 2016

Detailed assessment of global transport-energy models’ structures and projections

By Sonia Yeh, Gouri Shankar Mishra, Lew Fulton, Page Kyle, David L. McCollum, Joshua Miller, Pierpaolo Cazzola, Jacob Teter
November 2, 2016

Energy Intensity and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tight Oil Production in the Bakken Formation

By Adam R. Brandt, Tim Yeskoo, Michael S. McNally, Kourosh Vafi, Sonia Yeh, Hao Cai and Michael Q. Wang
October 20 2016

Renewable Natural Gas as a Solution to Climate Goals: Response to California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

By Daniel Scheitrum
October 2016

North American natural gas and energy markets in transition: insights from global models

By Sonia Yeh, Yiyong Cai, Daniel Huppman, Paul Bernstein, Sugandha Tuladhar, Hillard G. Huntington
September 1, 2016

Energy Investing and Climate Change: Recommendations for the Next U.S. President

By Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Amy Myers Jaffe
September 2016

Tracking U.S. biofuel innovation through patents

By Jeff Kessler, Daniel Sperling
August 25 2016

Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Reductions Options and Policies for California to 2050: Analysis and Model Development Using the CA-TIMES Model

By Christopher Yang, Sonia Yeh, Kalai Ramea, Saleh Zakerinia, Alan Jenn, David S. Bunch
July, 2016

The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute

By Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, Nathan C. Parker, Daniel Scheitrum, Justin Wilcock, Marshall Miller
June, 2016

Recent Trends in Water Use and Production for California Oil Production

By Kate Tiedeman, Sonia Yeh, Bridget R. Scanlon, Jacob Teter, and Gouri Shankar Mishra
May 13, 2016

Status Review of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, 2011–2015

By Sonia Yeh, Julie Witcover
May, 2016

Moving beyond alternative fuel hype to decarbonize transportation

By Noel Melton, Jonn Axsen & Daniel Sperling
Feb 22, 2016

Chapter 5 Update: Why History Won’t Repeat Itself for OPEC This Time Around

By Amy Myers Jaffe and Edward L. Morse
Feb 11, 2016

Forest Biomass, carbon neutrality and climate change mitigation

By Göran Berndes, Bob Abt, Antti Asikainen, Annette Cowie, Virginia Dale, Gustaf Egnell, Marcus Lindner, Luisa Marelli, David Paré, Kim Pingoud and Sonia Yeh


By Lew Fulton, Gil Tal and Tom Turrentine

Changing Oil Market Fundamentals and the Implications for OPEC Production Strategy

By Daniel Scheitrum, Amy Myers Jaffe and Lew Fulton

STEPS White Paper: Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version)

By Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, Allen Lee, Kenneth Medlock, Nathan Parker, Daniel Scheitrum, Andrew Burke, Hengbing Zhao and Yueyue Fan