STEPS+ Spring 2021 Symposium

Agenda Program

Session 1. Opening Keynote – Alejandra Núñez, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Mobile Sources, US EPA

Session 2. Reaching low carbon US transportation futures

US zero-carbon transition scenarios, Lew Fulton, Director, Energy Futures Program and Marshall Miller, Co-Director, Sustainable Freight Research Program

Low carbon fuels at state and national levels, Julie Witcover, Assistant Project Scientist, Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy and ITS-Davis

Session 3. Policy Discussion: Challenges for the US to reach very low carbon transportation futures


Colin Murphy, Deputy Director, PIEEE
Mike Maten, Senior Strategist, EV and Energy Policy, General Motors
John Reese, Manager, Downstream and New Energies Policy and Advocacy, Shell
Bill Charmley, Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, US EPA

Session 4. China Center for Energy and Transportation Research

The TCO Analysis of Bus Fleet Electrification, Xiuli Zhang, PhD Candidate, ITS-Davis

Modeling China’s Transportation Fuel Futures in an Aging Society
Yunshi Wang, Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation


Marshall Miller
Zhenhong Lin, Senior R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Yan (Joann) Zhou, Manager, Vehicle and Energy Technology & Mobility Analysis, Argonne National Laboratory

Session 5. ZEV LDV policies and markets a US perspective

Consumer Consideration of EVs, 2014 to 2021, Ken Kurani, Associate Researcher, PH&EV Research Center

Electric vehicles and the future of vehicle fees, Alan Jenn, Researcher, PH&EV Research Center and Assistant Director, Energy Futures Program

Session 6. COVID-19, the 3 Revolutions and Future Mobility: How will the Post-Pandemic Future Look

Who Is Responsible for the Increase in E-shopping During the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Is It Here to Stay?, Mischa Young, Postdoctoral researcher, 3RFM Program

Changes in Vehicle Ownership and Related Attitudes During the Pandemic, Jaime Soza-Parra, Postdoctoral researcher, 3RFM Program

Discussant: Ellen Greenberg, Deputy Director for Sustainability, Caltrans

Session 7. Achieving Low Carbon Trucking in Short-Haul Applications

Heavy duty trucks: The challenge of getting to zero
Genevieve Giuliano, Professor and Director, METRANS Transportation Center, USC

Rewarding Zero-Emission Container Movements
Miguel Jaller, Co-Director, Sustainable Freight Research Program

Session 8. Policy Session: Is California going to lead the net zero transition?
Moderator: Dan Sperling, Professor, ITS-Davis Founding Director


Patty Monahan, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Roland Hwang, Managing Director, Climate & Clean Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
Spencer Reeder, Director, Government Affairs & Sustainability, Audi