A Comparison of Zero-Emission Highway Trucking Technologies

by Hengbing Hao, Qian Wang, Lewis Fulton, Miguel Jaller and Andrew Burke

October 2018

Status Review of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, 2011–2018 Q1September 2018 Issue

by Julie Witcover

September 2018

CCPM3 Workshop Report and Recommendations to the State of California

by Lew Fulton, Austin Brown and Rosa Dominguez-Faus

August 2018

Steering the Electric Vehicle Transition to Sustainability

By Tom Turrentine, Scott Hardman, and Dahlia Garas 

July 2018

Three Revolutions in Urban Passenger Travel

By Lewis M. Fulton and Junia Compostella
March 2018

The Prospects for Hydrogen in the Future Energy System

By Joan Ogden
March 2018

What Drives Your Drivers? An In-Depth Look At Lyft And Uber Drivers

By Aria Berliner and Gil Tal
February 2018

Biofuel Tracker: Capacity for Low Carbon Fuel Policies- Assessment through 2018

By Julie Witcover and Robert B Williams
January 2018