Supercapacitors in Micro- and Mild Hybrids with Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries: Vehicle Simulations and Laboratory Tests

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke
December, 2015

Modelling and Analysis of Plug-in Series-Parallel Hybrid Medium-Duty Vehicles

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke
December, 2015

Evaluation of a PV Powered EV Charging Station and its Buffer Battery

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke
December, 2015

The effect of carsharing on vehicle holdings and travel behavior: A propensity score and causal mediation analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area

By Gouri Shankar Mishra, Regina R. Clewlow, Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Keith F. Widaman
November 14, 2015

A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario: The Potential for Dramatically Increasing Bicycle and E-bike Use in Cities Around the World, with Estimated Energy, CO2, and Cost Impacts

By Jacob Mason, Lew Fulton, and Zane McDonald
November 12, 2015

Generation Y: Lifestyles and Mobility Choices of Millennials in California, and the Motivations behind Them

By Aria Berliner, Giovanni Circella, Eric Gudz and Lewis Fulton
November, 2015

Lifestyles, Residential Location, Adoption of Emerging Technologies of Social Networks, Car Ownership and Mobility Choices of Millenials

By Giovanni Circella, Lewis Fulton, Aria Berliner, Farzad Alemi, Patricia L. Mokhtarian and Susan L. Handy
November, 2015


By Amy Myers Jaffe and Jareer Elass
Fall/Winter, 2015

The design and economics of low carbon fuel standards

By Gabriel E. Lade and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell
October 27, 2015

Testing substitution between private and public storage in the U.S. oil market: A study on the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve

By Daniel Paul Scheitrum, Colin A. Carter and Amy Myers Jaffe
October 25, 2015

Three routes forward for biofuels: Incremental, leapfrog, and transitional

By Geoff M. Morrison, Julie Witcover, Nathan C. Parker, Lew Fulton
October 24, 2015

Science and the stock market: Investors’ recognition of unburnable carbon

By Paul A. Griffin, Amy Myers Jaffe, David H. Lont,, Rosa Dominguez-Faus
October 24, 2015

Regional Turmoil and Realignment: Middle East Conflicts and the New Geopolitics of Oil

By Amy Myers Jaffe and Jareer Elass
September 21, 2015

Comparison of low-carbon pathways for California

By Geoffrey M. Morrison, Sonia YehAnthony R. Eggert, Christopher Yang, James H. Nelson, Jeffery B. Greenblatt, Raphael Isaac, Mark Z. Jacobson, Josiah Johnston, Daniel M. Kammen, Ana Mileva, Jack Moore, David Roland-Holst, Max Wei, John P. Weyant, James H. Williams, Ray Williams, Christina B. Zapata
August, 2015

A review of learning rates for electricity supply technologies

By Edward S. Rubin, Inês M.L. Azevedo, Paulina Jaramillo, Sonia Yeh
July 15, 2015

The need for biofuels as part of a low carbon energy future

By Lewis M. Fulton, Lee R. Lynd, Alexander Körner, Nathanael Greene and Luke R. Tonachel
June 22, 2015

A network-based dispatch model for evaluating the spatial and temporal effects of plug-in electric vehicle charging on GHG emissions

By Julia Sohnen, Yueyue Fan, Joan Ogden, Christopher Yang
May 26, 2015

Status Review of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

By Sonia Yeh, Julie Witcover and James Bushnell
April, 2015

Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs

By Andrew Burke, Gustavo O. Collantes, Marshall Miller, Hengbing Zhao
April, 2015

Applications of Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

By Andrew Burke and Hengbing Zhao
April, 2015

Do biofuel policies seek to cut emissions by cutting food?

By T. Searchinger, R. Edwards2, D. Mulligan, R. Heimlich and R. Plevin
March 27, 2015


By Rosa Dominguez-Faus
March 2, 2015

Past and Future Land Use Impacts of Canadian Oil Sands and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By Sonia Yeh, Anqi Zhao, Sean D. Hogan, Adam R. Brandt, Jacob G. Englander, David W. Beilman andMichael Q. Wang
January, 2015

Large urban freight traffic generators: Opportunities for city logistics initiatives

By Miguel Jaller, Xiaokun (Cara) Wang

Achieving California’s Greenhouse Gas Goals: A Focus on Transportation

By Gustavo O. Collantes, Anthony R. Eggert, Rod Brown, Susan L. Handy, Jeff Kessler, Chuck Shulock, Julie Witcover and Sonia Yeh

Oil Sands Energy Intensity Assessment Using Facility-Level Data

By Jacob G. Englander, Adam R. Brandt, Amgad Elgowainy, Hao Cai, Jeongwoo Han, Sonia Yeh, and Michael Q. Wang

Carbon Accounting and Economic Model Uncertainty of Emissions from Biofuels-Induced Land Use Change

By Richard J. Plevin, Jayson Beckman, Alla A. Golub, Julie Witcover and Michael O’Hare

Modal Shift of Passenger Transport in a TIMES Model: Application to Ireland and California

By Hannah E. Daly, Kalai Ramea, Alessandro Chiodi, Sonia Yeh, Maurizio Gargiulo and Brian Ó Gallachóir