STEPS+ Fall 2021 Symposium

Agenda Program with Student Posters (downloadable PDFs)

Session 1. Opening Keynote: Richard Corey, Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board: “Achieving Carbon Neutrality & the Transportation Sector”

Recording, Opening remarks and Keynote: (keynote begins at 7:35)


Session 2. 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program – When EVs alone are not enough

Xiatian (Summer) Iogansen: Heterogeneous Changes in Vehicle Ownership and Travel Behaviors 

Junia Compostella Di Sanguinetto: The Clean Miles Standard (CA SB 1014): Make TNCs a more sustainable industry

Jai Malik: The Growing Popularity of Superapps in Southeast Asia: Case Study of Jakarta, Indonesia

Recording, Session 2:


Session 3. Research Updates from the Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center

Ken Kurani: Consumer thinking about the future and EVs

Kelly Hoogland: More charging infrastructure may not mean more people see it

Session 3 – Debapriya Chakraborty: Total cost of ownership as a Policy Tool

Recording, Session 3:


Session 4. Sustainable Freight – Achieving California’s transition targets

Alan Jenn: Systems Analysis of a Full California Hydrogen Economy

Miguel Jaller: Consumption trends and implications for a decarbonized logistics system

Recording, Session 4: 


Session 5. Day 2 Keynote Remarks by Hal Harvey

Keynote: Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation, “Electrify Transportation: The Great Challenges—and Solutions”

Recording, Keynote Day 2:


Session 6. Research Updates from the China Center

Yunshi Wang: Brief introduction of battery swappable HD trucks in China, and Xiuli Zhang: What does our modelling tell us about China’s carbon neutrality pathways?

Recording, Session 6:


Session 7. Energy Futures – US transitions and low carbon fuels

Marshall Miller: US ZEV Transition Scenarios, Fuel Consumption, and Costs

Colin Murphy: Developing a Scenario Analysis Model to Inform Fuel Policy Design

Recording, Session 7:


Session 8. Policy Panel (no slides presented)

Moderator: Dan Sperling, Professor, ITS-Davis Founding Director; Panelists: Mary Nichols, former CARB Chair, Cynthia Williams, Global Director, Sustainability, Homologation and Compliance, Ford Motor Company, Yunshi Wang, Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation

Mary Nichols Outstanding Environmental Policy Paper AwardVishnu Vijayakumar, Energies article, “Low carbon scenario analysis of a hydrogen-based energy transition for on-road transportation in California”

Recording, Session 8: