The STEPS team gathered 140 expert stakeholders and presented 2017 research results to date.

Agenda Packet – STEPS Symposium Spring 2017


Day One – May 23, 2017

Alberto Ayala – Keynote_California’s Next Phase of Clean Car and Truck Policies for 2030

Session 1: Heavy-duty Trucks

Marshall Miller – Updates to Decision Choice Model and Summary of Fleet Workshop

Lew Fulton – Zero-Emission Long-Haul Trucking Technologies

Patric Ouellette – Liquid Biofuels for HD Trucks

Session 2: Electric Vehicles

Tom Turrentine – EV Market Update

Ken Kurani – A quasi-experiment in consumer choice of conventional and alternative fuel vehicles

Alan Jenn – A multi-model approach_international electric vehicle adoption

Session 3: Hydrogen

Zane McDonald – Hydrogen Storage for Curtailed Renewable Energy

Andy Burke – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks


Day Two – May 24, 2017

Session 4: Biofuels

Rosa Dominguez-Faus – California Low Emission Truck and Policies and Plans

Julie Witcover – LCFS Status Review

Alissa Kendall – Life Cycle Assessment

Session 5: Mobility

Mollie d’Agostino – 3 Revolutions Policy Initiative Briefs

Miguel Jaller – Sustainable First and Last Mile Transport

Aria Berliner – Life Stage and its relationship with Shared mobility Use (and knowledge)

Lew Fulton – 3R Scenarios Results



1. Four California Rail Scenarios to 2050 – Raphael Isaac

2. The Role of Public Utilities in Transportation Electrification – Nicholas Bowden

3. Travel Time & Cost Savings of a 3 Revolutions Scenario – Dominique Meroux

4. The Cost of Electrifying Transport – Eamonn Mulholland

5. Modal Choice into TIMES – Jacopo Tattini

6. Mid-term Transition for Transportation Hydrogen Infrastructure – Guozhen Li

7. Truck Technology Choice Model Overview – Qian Wang

8. Truck Technology Choice Model More Samples, Indicative Results – Qian Wang

9. Exploring the US Air Fleet – in Use and in the Desert – Guozhen Li

10. Estimating the Impacts of First and Last MileTransit Access Programs

11. Change of Demand for Automobiles with Gasoline Price Changes – Qian Wang

12. Modeling the interactions between EVs for transportation and renewable intensive electric grids in CA and western US – Saleh Zakerinia

13. Spatial regional consumer choice and fueling infrastructure model – Kalai Ramea