Day 1 Presentations

Drew Kodjak. ICCT. The Prospects for Very Low Vehicles Worldwide

Guido Franco. CEC. Is California’s Energy System Resilient to Climate Change?

Obadiah Bartholomy. SMUD. Climate Readiness in the Capital Region

Joan Ogden. STEPS. Research Ideas: Transportation Fue Infrastructure Vulnerability and Resiliency to Climate Change

Marshall Miller. STEPS. Revised Transition Scenarios for California

Chris Yang. STEPS. Freight Decarbonization Comparison between CA-TIMES and the Truck Choice Model

Andy Burke. STEPS. Energy Storage with Batteries and Supercapacitors

Guozhen Li. STEPS. H2 Refueling Infrastructure for Medium- and Heavy-duty Fuel Cell Vehicles

Mollie D’Agostino.3R Future Mobility Program. Status and Updates at 3R

Giovanni Circella. 3R Future Mobility Program. Adoption of Shared Mobility and Ridehailing in California and Impacts on Use and Other Travel Modes

Lew Fulton. STEPS. The Cost of 3R: A Deeper Dive


Day 2 Presentations

Jeremy Martin. UCS. How Will Biofuel Policies Weather the Storm in DC?

Rob Williams. STEPS. Reporting on STEPS Advanced Biofuels Modeling Cost Study

Julie Witcover. STEPS. LCFS Status Report and Update on LCFS Spreading to Other States and Canada Provinces

Gil Tal. PHEV Center. Modeling the Demand for DC Fast Charging: Have we done it all wrong?

Alan Jenn. PHEV Center. Estimating the Impact of Monetary Incentives on Second Generations PEV buyers

Ken Kurani. PHEV Center. In the Slow Lane: ZEV Markets in California, June 2014 to June 2017


1. Passenger Rail – 2017 Research Update. Raphael Isaac , Paul Erickson

2. The Engine Size Tax and Its Impact on Chinese Automobile Market. Tongxin Xu, Alan Jenn, Erich Muehlegger

3. Hydrogen Demand and Refueling Infrastructure Planning for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Vehicles in California. Guozhen Li, Joan Ogden

4. Hydrogen Energy Storage for Renewably Intensive Electricity Grids. Zane McDonald, Chris Yang, Joan Ogden, Alan Jenn

5. V2G and G2V smart grid optimization study in a Renewable-Fossil Based Energy System for Northern WECCBehdad Kiani

6. Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging Infrastructure Assessment Overview, Approaches and InsightsSesha Raghavan, Xinwei Li, Joan Ogden, Lew Fulton

7. Comparative Assessment of Geospatial Models for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Planning. Xinwei Li, Sesha Raghavan, Joan Ogden

8. Strengthening the inspection and maintenance system of in-use vehicles in India. Jai Malik, Lew Fulton

9. Truck Choice Model. Qian Wang, Marshall Miller, Lew Fulton, Christopher Yang, Joan Ogden

10. Estimating the Potential Demand for Shared Mobility in First/Last Mile Transit Using MTC Travel Demand Model. Miguel Jaller, Caroline Rodier, Elham Pourrahmani

11. Costs of Shared Mobility, Electric Vehicle Integration, Autonomous Vehicle, and Consumer Behaviors in terms of mode and vehicle choicesJunia Compostella, Lew Fulton

12. What Drives Your Drivers: An In-Depth Look at Lyft and Uber Drivers. Rosaria Berliner, Gil Tal

13. Understanding the Factors Affecting Changes in Household Car Ownership in California. Farzad Alemi, Giovanni Circella, Susan Handy, Patricia Mokhtarian

14. What We Know about the Use of Ridehailing: Frequency of Use and Impacts on Other Modes. Farzad Alemi, Giovanni Circella, Susan Handy, Patricia Mokhtarian

15. Trip analysis to determine PEV charging behavior, infrastructure placement, and charging infrastructure policy. Alex Campbell, Gil Tal

16. Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Infrastructure Planning: Overview, Approaches and Insights. Sesha Raghavan, Xinwei Li, Joan Ogden, Lew Fulton

17. Considerations in the use of supercapacitors in combination with batteries in vehicle applications. Andrew Burke

18. China Low-speed Electric Vehicle Boom. Jinpeng Gao, Daniel Sperling, Yunshi Wang, Gil Tal